Day Thirteen of Plant Based Diary

Day Thirteen of Plant Based Diary

Howdy Folks,..

So this is possibly my second last post on this subject.  Hey, nothing wrong with veganism, we just are struggling to blend our opinions.

Today I plan to make a curry, using fake, beef patties chopped up.  I find the only ficken (chicken) that I can stand is the Quorn brand, the others feel like snot. It shall be Indian Korma or something. I am out of Quorn and hate shopping. Prefer vegetables over fake meat.  Never made the curry cause, slackness…..

Tomorrow I shall attempt a ‘Foast’, Sanitarium product with all the trimmings, apparently Gravox is vegan? How is that possible?  Did it just walk past a cow? Weird!

Anyhoo, I just don’t know. Yes I can feel the health benefits, yes I like being kind to animals and the Planet.  However I probably have 40 years left and is it worth missing out on poached eggs for  the rest of my life? I do love poached eggs. We are hoping to get pet chooks, that will be female and live a perfect life. What do I do with the eggs?  If the eggs are infertile and I can be sure and I love the chooks, can I eat them? Is that ok? I honestly do not know

So we had a chat last night, “what can we live without?”  Him, is everything is fab, he loves it and feels great.  The Child wants  occasional fish and she loves real milk. Me? I like the morality of it and with my dicky tummy it feels good. It is expensive as frog. We live in the country in Australia and it is really hard  to resource products. Considering going to a Kosher shop in the city to find lollies. Lollies are made from gelatin from cow feet. Jewish people use seafood, worth a look.


Day Fourteen of Plant Based Diet

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