Day Fourteen of Plant Based Diet

Day Fourteen of Plant Based Diet

So we made it!!!! Go us, we are not known for our stamina. Remember we are Party Animals, Varty Vanimals?

It is kind of like when I would do the 40 hour Famine, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I would eat once I was done.

Now remember I have been a fat person on a diet for most of my life.  I have had gastric surgery and it has been lovely for the last 4 years to not have to worry about food. I just eat if I want to and what I want to,I lost 55 kgs.I find the constant “What are we going to eat next?” a bit tedious.

So we woke up this morning with cravings, first time. He wanted a Whopper and I wanted macaroni cheese.  I think it is more psychological than physical.

We didn’t break, we had Falafel kebabs.

Now we live in a backwater, I have been buying and cooking Falafel mix for 20 years. I used to work in a kebab shop, it is good stuff and good for you. It’s just chickpeas, garlic and ground up stuff. You soak it for about 15 minutes. You roll the mix into dog poo like shapes, shallow fry and serve it with chilli sauce and sour cream. Yummmo. Oh except for where I live, it took 2 shops and 3 Shop Assistants, they had to do a computer search, but, because they couldn’t spell it, it took a long time and there was kinda crazy vegan, traffic jam in Woolworths and a freaked out Checkout Chick called Ethan.  They don’t sell it. What the actual vuck?  It’s like $2.50 a box, top shelf, near the indian food.  Nope, had to buy ready made stuff (Yumis). It was ok, but, dryish. Anyway I buried it in a wrap with roast garlic veganaise (yeah I am keeping vegan mayonaise, it is fantastic), corn, lettuce, avocado, beetroot, tomato and bean sprouts. Much better for us than a Whopper, Chris had never eaten falafel before and loved it!! “So good Sweetheart, so good” oh, he is such a Vomantic!

It is Sunday and I am cooking a ‘voast’.

It is a Sanitarium product and I pulled it out of the box and it looked like a ‘vurd’ (think about it).  Covered it in garlic, parsley, seeded mustard and marmalade, threw in red onion to try and get some flavour. Hey if it looks like a vurd I bet it tastes like a vurd. Have not been brave enough to eat it yet. I will make Chris go first. He will take it to work for lunch. He is teased daily, “Hey Veggie Boy”, however doesn’t stop them eyeing off his food, mmmhhhmmm.

So this it. The experiment is done. The carnivores went vegan for a fortnight, did not break, well I accidentally had a half a teaspoon of honey on my muesli, it was early days and I did not know that honey is wrong, well yeah, makes sense really. It wasn’t even too bad.

Tomorrow? Well there is a packet of lamb chops in the freezer. Really fatty and I loved them with mash and silverbeet and lots of mint sauce, oh baby!!!!  Think I will cook them and see if I can handle the smell, grease and sight of dead flesh and knowing I have bought into a corruption that just makes me cry, insert animals slipping in the blood of their Mate while knowing their fate. Yeah that totally vucks and I apologise to all of their mooing, baaing, oinking spirits, I feel like a freaking Nazi!!!! Can I please have macaroni cheese, nope because the dairy industry is just raping these poor creatures before sending them to the gas chamber. Oh no, cause vegan cheese does not melt. We are barely able to feed the cats, nobody wants to deal with the meat….Yeah good luck with the chops Carolyn….

So a vegan is someone that will not eat or wear ANY sort of animal product, I have so many shoes to check…..

I really want to talk to a purist, cause I have a question about sex that I need to know and Chris won’t let me ask, he is such a Vrude….

Keep vighting the good vight,



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