Day Nine 14 Day Plant Based Diet Diary

Day Nine 14 Day Plant Based Diet Diary

OK Happy Birthday Carolyn !

Now she has a new laptop, she won’t have an excuse not to post more regularly and I can get my laptop back ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I decided to a vrunch, as I am trying to get those scrambled vegan eggs just right. Cooked them with a side of Vegan sausages and some left over faken (vegan bacon strips) and some baked beans in tomato sauce with jalapenos and a muffin.

Well I got the scrambled egg texture spot on, but maybe a little to much Tumeric, they are a bit yellow.

The facon was as normal, but the vegan sausages YUCK ! It was like trying chew a tasteless, chewy, gooey well sausage. Where did I go wrong ? I decided to completely brown them to the same texture and colour as a meat based sausage. Spot on ! Texture and flavour much more palatable. Do not under cook these things if you are just starting your vegetarian or vegan journey, as they will break you. I know some purists may feel that I have over cooked them, but maybe that’s my taste and preference. This is what they looked like after a second cook

and yes I deliberately tried to make the facon crispy.

Carolyn cooking Dahl for dinner, attempting Red lentil Indian Dahl. First batch is now in rubbish bin, as cinnamon stick with coconut mik is in Carolyn’s own words “It tasted like curry ice cream yuck”.


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