Day One 14 Day Plant Based Diet Diary

Day One of a Plant Based Diet –

Well it is hard to say, I (Carolyn) have been hydrating and juicing for a week, so already feeling better.

My ‘Vegan Sausage Hotpot’ that I raced to Chris’s work for lunch, was a bomb. I quite like it, just vegetarian hot dogs, baked beans and jalapenos.

Everyone has gagged now at oat milk, macadamia milk and almond milk. I can cope with almond milk in a coffee.

Lunch boxes are very challenging. The child is not being vegan (YET), however she is trying vegetarian/pescatarian, however goes “Yayy” when I tell her her dinner is vegan. She REALLY loves animals.

However my vegan ‘San Choy Bow”  (can’t say it, little own spell it) was a mega hit. Just the usual recipe done backwards, add quorn mince last. Nobody knew the difference.

Chris is miserable without chocolate and ice-cream.

So apart from some constipation and seriously loud “soy farts” not much to report.

See how we went on Day Two

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