Day Twelve 14 Day Plant Based Diet Diary

Day Twelve 14 Day Plant Based Diet Diary

Alrighty then, so we made Day 12.   So, it is School Holidays, no “The Child!”  Not much motivation to be Wonder Mum. No veggie face plates. No trying to make spaghetti look like spaghetti.  Pasta stuff is where I need to learn, how do I make Tuna Mornay when the only vegan tuna is in USA at $16.00 a can and they don’t send to Australia.

It is Friday night.  It is wine and “Catchandkillyourown”.  There are left overs, or I will invent a toastie, but usually on this very rare parent night, we graze on Munchies and enjoy a movie…   These are the vegan munchies I tracked down today.

Last night we tried the beef stripes with mash and veg. If you cremated the beef strips they were ok.

I am finding that I would rather just eat veg than fake meat, working on it.

I only managed 4 hours sleep last night, sucked into a nine part documentary.  Up all day and managed a massive house clean, while struggling with a head cold.

Still not sure what my decision will be on Day 15, I love seafood sooooo much, everything else is fine,


Ps Chris will eat vegan, dog poo if you serve it with mashed potato. Jury is still out.

Day Thirteen of Plant Based Diary

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