Plant Based Diet | Vegan Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Plant Based Diet | Vegan Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Plant Based Diet | Vegan/ Vegetarian Meal Ideas

So, a different video for you guys!
Im going to show you some Vegan/ Vegetarian meal ideas!

As most of you know, I do not eat meat/chicken and haven’t for a while now! I was a pescetarian for over a year, then slowly transitioned into a vegetarian, and now I am trying my way on a complete plant based, vegan diet! My diet was mostly plant based anyway and I hardly ate dairy to start with, so giving that up wasn’t that hard.

Its so exciting, as I have been wanting to become vegan for SO long, I just found it hard being that everyone in my family are meat eaters, and I have no vegan/vegetarian friends.

But I have always been fascinated by this lifestyle and the health and mental benefits of living this way.
So far its going great! So i’m just sharing my journey with you and hopefully I can stick it out for good!

I really hope you like this video!

– Strawberry Oatmeal Cup
– Freshly Squeezed Raw Tropical Juice
– Arepa, Vegetarian Sausage & Avocado
– Mango & Strawberries
– Vegan Tomato Pasta




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