Transitioning To A Vegan or Vegetarian Diet | Jenné Claiborne

Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian or vegan? Towanna Freeman, host of BLCTV, recently interviewed vegan chef, blogger and health coach Jenné Claiborne, from the nutrition website The focus of the interview was to introduce Miss Claiborne and her YouTube cooking show (The Nourishing Vegan), and to provide pointers to viewers who are interested in transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Miss Claiborne arrived in New York City with dreams of becoming an actress, but said she always felt a frustration that she was studying and putting effort into a career path about which she was not passionate. She decided instead to pursue her true passion, which was working with food and nutrition. Already a vegetarian, she obtained a job at a vegan restaurant, which eventually inspired her to personally transition to veganism and to launch a personal chef service. Since that time, her professional activities have expanded to include a nutrition blog, a YouTube cooking show, a personal chef service, health coaching, and vegan lifestyle coaching.

Towanna asked Miss Claiborne about how she developed her online business, and to give some details about what she does and what kinds of services clients can receive by joining her vegan coaching group.

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