As I have only a limited time to show my VEGETARIAN DINNER so I have only managed to record 2 ideas for you to show you. Its easy and simple. Here are the ingredients that I use.

1) Batter : 4 tbsp flour
1 egg white
75ml mineral water depending on the thickness you like
Place over ice cold water to keep the batter cold.

2) Mix Vegetables for frying:
1 carrot
half a green paprika
half a big onions
2 spring onions
20gm aubergine
all julienne in strips and
flour for dusting

3) Sauce:
4 tbsp light soya sauce preferably japanese type
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp juice of ginger
a dash of cornstarch for thickening
a little garlic
a little sesame oil

4)Condiments for decorations:
chopped chillies
chopped spring onions
chopped garlic

There will be following videos of my VEGETARIAN DINNER eaten with rice. Hope you like my video.Bon Appetit.
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